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Sunday March 24

Body Roll and Myofascial Release

Sunday March 31

Body Roll and Myofascial Release

Private and Small Group yoga Lessons

Don't let tightness and lagging aches slow down your long distance run training. Our unique combination of yoga and body rolling techniques will help increase your range of motion and prevent injury so you can run happy and healthy all year long. 


In yoga we move with the breath into poses that allow the body to achieve long, soft stretches. This practice is beneficial for expanding range of motion, preventing injury, and clearing the wide spread soreness you sometimes feel after a strenuous training session. Yoga can range from a hot and sweaty "power" class to a put you to sleep "yin" class. 

BODY ROLL and Myofascial Release

Working deeper in the body body rolling uses a small ball to access fascia and deep muscle tissue. This practice is beneficial for releasing adhesions that limit your motion, untying knots in the body, and wringing out pinpointed muscle soreness. Body roll is intense in a hurts so good sorta way, but once you're finished you'll feel the difference right away!

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