Ball Rolling

Post Run Stretches

While we recommend a faster moving dynamic warm-up before your run, holding stretches longer and deeper after a run helps maintain muscle length and flexibility. Dedicate 10 mins after every run to stretching will lead to fewer aches, pains, and injuries. Start with these 6 moves and add more as you need.

Down Dog: Hold for 3 - 5 breaths, relaxing heels towards ground. Look for a stretch in the calves and hamstrings.

Pigeon: Hold for 3 - 5 breaths on each leg, finding a stretch in the outer hip of the front leg.

Seated Forward Fold: Hold for 3 breaths then take a breath in, extend through spine, sink deeper and hold for 3 more breaths. Bend knees if needed. This stretches the hamstrings and calves.

Single Leg Stretch: Hold for 3 -5 breaths on each side stretching the inner thigh.

IT Band Roll: Use a foam roller or rubber balls to roll the length of the IT band for 1 min.

Hip Flexor Roll: Use rubber balls to roll inside the eye of the hip for 1 min on each side.

If you’re looking for more stretching guidance we offer a deep stretching yoga session Sunday’s at 3 pm made specifically for runners, you can get more info here.

Full Body Roll Class - Myofascial Release


Belly Roll - Coregeous

  • Place ball at navel - make skin contact if possible - lay on ball
  • Crossfiber down to low abdomen
  • Roll up and down 
  • Pin and spin


Unzip the Bony Corset - YTB Toted

  • Laying on back place balls at base of the neck
  • Rolling down to bottom of shoulder blades with 3 breath method
  • Welcome Arms + Bear Hug
  • Snow Angle Arms + Bear Hug


Knee to Chest - YTB Toted

  • Laying on back place balls at low back
  • Rock side to side


Lat Seam - Coregous Ball

  • Place ball in armpit, lay on side
  • Rock side to side working way down the body


Shoulder Gutter Ball - YTB

  • Rotation Remedy -  YTB
  • Lay on back place ball below spine of shoulder blade, roll
  • Snow angle arms
  • Arm wag


Chest Decongest - Alpha Ball

  • Place ball under collarbone middle of chest.
  • Straighten and cactus arms
  • Roll to outside edge, repeat
  • Reposition arms so they’re at your sides palms up, raise arms and lower 


Piriformis - YTB

  • Butterfly legs, place ball in meaty part of glute
  • Swish side to side
  • One foot flat on floor, remove ball from that glute
  • Cross Fiber side to side


Tuxedo Stripe  - YTB Toted

  • Laying on side place toted balls horizontally at hip (gluteus medias), extend leg bottom leg and lift to find placement.
  • Press into balls, rock back and forth
  • Bicycle bottom leg, forward and backward
  • Extend bottom leg and lift


Low Back Perpendicular Roll - YTB Toted

  • Laying on back place balls horizontal to glute crease
  • Roll back and forth, move to other side


IT Band + Adductor - Alpha and YTB Toted

  • Lay on side, place YTB ball along IT Band and Alpha Ball between legs
  • Roll Alpha Ball by moving top leg only
  • Remove Alpha Ball and roll IT band
  • Pin and stretch by lengthening leg


Pelvic Funnel Warm-Up - Coregous

  • Lay on belly, place ball in low belly/hip crease, off to one side
  • Bring opposite knee-up like you’re beginning to crawl
  • Rock up and down/back and forth
  • Bend and straighten knee


Pelvic Funnel - Alph

  • Lay on side place ball side of pelvis, below eye of hip
  • Bend and straighten the leg
  • Lift and lower leg
  • Bend knee and wag leg
  • Bring opposite knee-up like you’re beginning to crawl
  • Sphinx up on forearms


Quadriceps - Alph

  • Lay on belly, place ball at top of each quadriceps
  • Roll down the length of the quadriceps, down to knees
  • Cross fiber down to the knees


Hamstring + Calf - YTB Tote

  • Child’s pose - place balls behind knees
  • Cross fiber by swaying hips side to side down to ankles


Deltoid Roll - YTB Tote

  • At wall, cradle deltoid with balls
  • Roll up and down by bending and straightening legs


Triceps Roll - YTB Tote

  • At wall, cradle triceps with balls
  • Roll up and down by bending and straightening legs